Investment Profile

With a Canada-wide portfolio of top-quality net lease real estate, an investment grade major tenant and ongoing access to future opportunities through its preferred relationship with Canadian Tire Corporation, CT REIT is well-positioned to deliver reliable, durable and growing monthly cash distributions to its Unitholders, while strategically pursuing opportunities to add value to its portfolio and unit price.

A very meaningful portion of this growth is contractually built into CT REIT's structure through rent escalations and preferred access to additional properties required to support CTC's ongoing business requirements. CT REIT's growth is also focused on third-party acquisitions, intensifications and development.

Strategy for Growth:

  • Reliable - CT REIT delivers dependable value through many avenues, including the relationship it enjoys, and the strong covenants it has in place, with its major tenant and controlling Unitholder.
  • Durable - With its rock-solid retail real estate portfolio, long-term leases, low risk strategy, solid financial position, strong governance model and experienced management team, CT REIT is structured for stability even in potentially volatile markets.
  • Growing - An outstanding portfolio with growth built in – through escalating leases and unparalleled access to opportunities through Canadian Tire Corporation – gives CT REIT a solid foundation for pursuing additional growth – in scale, in distributions to Unitholders and in Unit value – through acquisition, development and intensification.

CT REIT is an opportunity for investors to join Canadian Tire Corporation in owning one of Canada's premier net lease national property portfolios.